About Us
Farm-to-Home Service

More than just your regular grocery suppliers, Rural Basket is a community. With our innovative farm-to-home strategy, we aim to spark social transformation. We're a means for you to shop directly sourced food products with purpose, and to partake in the delight of empowering the farmers and women self-help groups involved with Rural Basket. We are a farmer’s marketplace and a one-stop destination for toxin-free grocery products. We seek to bring our consumers one step closer to the farmers and their produce by launching a “Health Global Community”.

Sensible solutions to support the food producers

Our approach to trade is to put the people and the environment first, which implies that you can be confident that every handmade purchase and contribution you make has a direct impact on the farmers’ and ruralpreneurs’ life and community.

Safeguarding the Environment

As we are nurtured by Mother Earth, we believe that it is only fair to return the favor. Hence, we emphasize the employment of locally produced, recyclable, and renewable resources for the production of handcrafted items.

Focusing in community-empowering collaborations

Our main ambition is to transform the lives of farmers who rely solely on agriculture for their livelihood, and to improve the country by providing people with pesticide-free, naturally available food items. We collaborate with women ruralpreneurs, incapacitated individuals and farmers with an aim to help them achieve financial independence, which in turn benefits their families, communities and eventually the country.

Caring for the welfare of our consumers

In an attempt to disrupt the conventional distribution channels, we are involved in empowering consumers by serving the products directly sourced from the farm along with the knowledge of what they consume so that they can live a vibrant, healthy life without any fear of disease in the future.

Aiming for Rural to Global community

The skills possessed by the farmer community have been passed down through the generations. We collaborate with them with an aim to respect their hard work while also delivering pure and rich food to people who appreciate clean eating and an overall ambition to create a strong impact.

Our Mission:
  • To establish a connection between local farmers, FPOs, WSHG, and rural entrepreneurs and bringing them together as a community to boost local economy and encouraging a healthy lifestyle choice.
  • To create 10,000 Ruralpreneurs by 2025.
Our Vision:
  • To be the most preferred and go-to household brand for grocery delivery.
  • To generate sustainable livelihood opportunities for rural communities to provide them a dignified and quality life.